Philanthropy Is Not Just For The Rich


The world always seems to have insurmountable problems; some of those problems seem as though no one person can fix the problem, so most people leave those challenges to others. Fortunately, there are people that have taken on those challenges and are working to make changes in the world a little bit at a time.  Jason hope thinks that more and more people need to get involved, the only way to change the world is to work together to change it.


  • The Children’s Investment Fund Foundation

The main priority of The Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF) is to help children around the world. Many children are dying at a premature age and CIFF’s goal is to improve the lives of children through nutrition, prenatal care, newborn survival programs, and teaching mothers that have HIV/AIDS, ways that they can lower the risk of transmitting their disease to their child.

  • The Meth Project

The Meth Projects goal is raise public awareness of the effects of abusing meth. the project does this through a large multimedia advertising campaign, that explains the effects of Meth on the user of the drug. Through the hard work of The Meth Project, the state of Montana has dropped to thirty-ninth in the country in the number of people that abuse the drug. Their previous ranking was fifth.

  • William J. Clinton Foundation

The former president has been helping improve living conditions of countries throughout the world. Some of the things that the Clinton Foundation has been working on are helping the people of Haiti recover from an earthquake that devastated the country in 2010. Some of the other things that the foundation has been doing to help the world include teaching women skills that will help them improve their economic standing in their community.

  • Make It Right Foundation

Founded by actor Brad Pitt, the Make It Right Foundation builds homes for people and communities that need help. One of the cities that the foundation has helped is the city of New Orleans, and helping it to continue the rebuilding process that has never stopped from hurricane Katrina.

Looking at a problem and thinking that you cannot do anything to solve the problem is understandable. it can take money or time or both, but if you can change one person’s life it might be worth it to try and help people it has worked for others.